Hello there! I’m Jesse. Your new American best friend.

I founded Fluent the Write Way in late 2018 to encourage learners to focus on this commonly overlooked or intimidating part of language learning. Writing doesn’t have to be formal; in our digitally connected world, writing can be a blog, a post on social media, or an email to a friend or colleague. Being an English learner shouldn’t hold you back from sending that text or starting a #studygram, and I want to help you write more confidently. I work with professional learners as well, but the heart of my work is encouraging creativity in both formal and informal writing.

My career as an English teacher started long before I even realized it. When I was a teen, my aunt taught ESL and asked me if I’d like to be a pen pal to her students in Spain. I remember when my first package arrived—stuffed to the brim with letters from English learners on the other side of the world. I spent so much time reading each of them; opening the little gifts they sent me like stickers and Spanish candy. It’s one of my fondest memories of childhood, and I wrote each student back with a piece of American culture every time I received a letter throughout the school year.

Fast forward to adulthood and university classes. I studied and majored in English Language and Literature because I love reading and writing. I eventually started sending my own creative writing out into the world and have since published poems and short stories in various North American literary magazines (and have been nominated or a runner up in a few notable places—more on that below). These days, I spend most of my time working with students, burying my nose in a book or dabbling in a variety of other languages.

A few of my language books. 🙂

Speaking of languages, I didn’t find my way back to ESL until my late twenties when I started learning Japanese (and French, Russian and German at various lower levels). Japanese and Latin Spanish are my focus these days. Even with a busy husband and five kids (not a typo!) languages are a part of my everyday life now. I love to connect with others across the world and can’t believe that I waited so long to make languages a priority in my life. As a late in life adult learner (I did not grow up bilingual!), I understand the unique challenges that come with balancing life, work and learning.

…Annnnd I may be trying to save snail-mail letter writing at the same time!

Aside from languages, writing and learning, I love old things. Old houses, old books, old stuff. I live with my husband, (5) children and (4) pets in a 1925 National Folk home with French Quarter balcony vibes in the sunny southern United States. I am also known to wander around antique shops for unique old things that I can give a second life to!

Wanna be my pen pal? Let’s revive the dying art of letter writing together, even if you cheat and send me an email or find me on social media instead. 😊

Publications & Press:


Short Fiction

Prizes & Nominations

Education & Experience:

  • Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature. Graduated with high honors.
  • Current Master of Arts student in the Applied Linguistics program at UMass Boston.
  • Sigma Tau Delta English Honors Society Member.
  • Completion and passing with excellence of 120-hour accredited TEFL course.
  • Teaching experience in various fields for county health department and in private practice from 2009-2014. 
  • Italki tutor from March 2019 – September 2020.
  • Personal experience learning foreign languages.  
  • Experience teaching adults and, as a mother to five children, I work well with children of all ages and abilities. 

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