Pen Pal Program

Letter writing is a dying art. What was once a treasured pastime is now less and less common in our digitally connected world. Sure, it’s easier to send a text, email or @ someone on social media, but the quality of our connection isn’t the same. Letter writing requires your individual, undivided attention and more time to think about your words without emojis or distractions. Unplug and honor the tradition of a handwritten letter from a friend with me. I respond to each and every letter myself. Want more information on how to join my free Pen Pal Program? Click the button below to get in touch.


Letter writing encourages us to spend more time with our thoughts. We slow down and are creative with our words.


Writing by hand improves your muscle memory. It helps new vocabulary and phrases stay in your long-term memory.


Receiving a handwritten letter in the mail from a friend is a treasured experience. You connect more deeply with others.

Interested in joining?

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